• Image of Palm Tee
  • Image of Palm Tee
  • Image of Palm Tee

This tee represents Exotic perfectly! Complimenting the theme of hand drawn graphics, which are an exclusive part of the new range, this tee boasts a feeling of tropical beaches and laid-back days.

Furthermore, the tee compliments our ongoing support for ocean charities, whereby we donate 5% of our profits to organisations supporting ocean clean-up efforts.

As with our most recent products, the Palm Tee has been attentively hand pressed and printed here in Great Britain, meaning it boasts outstanding attention to detail and superior quality.

The tee is 100% soft blend cotton for a comfortable and bespoke fit.

Size Chest (to fit)
XS 34/35
S 36/38
M 38/40
L 41/42
XL 43/44